Our aim is to provide you with a cost effective offshore resource where the transition and ongoing service delivery is Stress Free, Immediate, Efficient, and of an exceptionally high QUALITY! Remember, irrespective of how ‘cheap’ any provider may be, offshoring will become very costly and erode all your free capacity if you’re not provided with exceptional systems, ongoing support to educate your team, and staff who are equipped to deliver what you need! The ability to increase profits and capacity all boils down to QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY! As part of the induction process, we ensure you are prepared and ready to outsource, and ensure you are correctly inducted. We have designed and created a SIMPLE, SECURE and EFFICIENT outsourcing solution to benefit all Accounting Firms. Our work has helped businesses scale quickly, efficiently and immediately. We complete your work accurately, on time, with a key focus on quality.

Here is a list of services you can tap into TODAY:

Activity Statements
Interim Financial Statements
Year End Financial Statements
Tax Returns
Fringe Benefits Tax Lodgements
Payroll Tax
Tax Planning Projections
ASIC Agent Support



In 20 minutes, your team will be inducted on our purpose built upload and workflow platform, and be ready to start loading jobs!
Prepare a job, complete the online job sheet and load your first job
Communication on the progress of all you jobs is live, seamless, and efficient. All time lines per job are measured and made visible for your team.
Once you have confidence that your internal systems will provide continuity of workflow to your offshore team, we can discuss the option to lease a seat on a permanent basis. That way, you can load them with work knowing they are unlikely to have significant downtime.


Pay an hourly rate per job

Great for firms who haven’t outsourced before. The starting point for Outsourcing. Make an enquiry to discuss process and pricing.

Lease a staff member

Send as much work as they can handle at a fixed price. Labour cost plus our monthly fee of $750 per month.

Once you progress to a leased seat option, you can add extra staff as you need. For every staff member you lease, you also lease a Senior Reviewer on a .25 basis of full salary to ensure your local staff have minimal down time.

No lock-In Contract for Job by Job solution
Upfront fee of $1,500+GST per seat (lease option only)
No Hidden extras for Leased Seats
Cost varies based on qualification of staff
Fixed or Hourly costs when using Job by Job solution
Direct Debit for Leased Seat


Phone: (03) 9034 5266
Email: [email protected]
PO Box. 4052, Geelong VIC. 3220

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